Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Items for sale - but only until Jan. 1st because...

Greetings! My brother brought down more items from Kingman to present for sale.
You'll notice my general spinning/weaving ignorance is showing again in my attempts to label/describe these items. (Please feel free to chortle over my attempts!)
Please note - prices relate to what is in the pictures rather than individual pieces. So most of these are "lots" or sets of items. 

However, if you are interested in these items or the items from the previous entry, please contact my brother soonest (Contact info is alllll over the pictures).
I understand the items on this blog-shop will only be available until January 1st because after that they will be included in the final Estate Sale he is planning in late ?January?.
(I will attempt to post the Estate Sale info here if at all possible.)

First, a repeat/update of Item #22 from our previous sale blog - with a different picture.
(A few other pictures/updates have been added to the previous sale blog as well.)
ITEM #22 (&#36):  Ashford Spinning Wheel w/3 new Bobbins. Price is now $250.00 OBO
Continuing from our previous list:
ITEM # 23:
 ITEM # 24:
 ITEM # 25:
 ITEM # 26: 
ITEM # 27:
ITEM # 29:!!SOLD!! - Beka Loom Stand

ITEM # 30:
 ITEM # 31:
ITEM # 32:
ITEM # 33: 
ITEM # 35: 

ITEM # 37:
ITEM # 38:
ITEM # 39:
ITEM # 40:
ITEM # 41:
ITEM # 42:

And there you have it. 
Again, if you are interested in any of these items, please contact my brother soonest. 
My thanks for your time and interest!

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